Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Dreaming Tree Wellness Spa has been in operation for 13 years and has been dedicated to providing high integrity experiences for our clients. We pay close attention to the temperature in the room and the ambiance and lighting. We take care to select relaxing music and always do a thorough intake. As we grow in our staff, we continue to select talented and passionate practitioners to provide a great service.  Come and immerse yourself in the magic and healing at the Tree!


Jacquelyn Nuzzi is the owner of The Dreaming Tree. She has been a profound healer and body worker for about 17 years. Her journey into the holistic healthcare industry started when she was a social worker for people living with HIV/AIDS in Long Island NY! Her passion for connecting with people on a deeper, tangible level drove her to pursue a profession in preventative healthcare.

Jacquelyn has worked with professional athletes, celebrities, and all walks of life in both mind and body health! She has designed a program for salons and spas to build a successful and healthy environment for both clients and staff to grow. After teaching Business and Marketing for years with the Finger Lake School of Massage she decided to dedicate her time to the success of The Dreaming Tree Wellness Spa.

Jacquelyn has encouraged and maintained a non-competitive environment! She continues to inspire and mentor people on how to show up for life with a deeper desire for joy and happiness! She is now developing a series of online videos to educate holistic healthcare practitioners in both business and bodywork!